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A history of growth: Whitsunday Wealth

Since our inception in 2019, our business has undergone significant growth, expanding both staff and clientele and relocating to a new hub in the heart of Mackay's city center. Learn how we plan to continue our expansion while staying committed to our clients and professional roots.

As a business, Whitsunday Wealth’s history may seem short. Established amidst the chaos of 2020 with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Whitsunday Wealth has gone from strength to strength.

Whitsunday Wealth may have culminated in 2020, but its roots go much deeper in Mackay.  The business was founded by Matt Neill, whose business MLC Advice Mackay, purchased the remaining NAB Financial Planning books in 2020.  MLC Advice Mackay also founded by Matt, commencing operations on the 5th of September 2014, located at 172 Victoria St.  MLC Advice Mackay rebranded to become Whitsunday Wealth as we know it today.

Matt originally from Melbourne, moved to Mackay to start MLC Advice Mackay in 2014. This business got its start by purchasing part of Reg Ross & Associates, which was a business that operated in Mackay for about 40 years. In talking about this, Matt said “In moving to Mackay from Melbourne, that move was big enough, but taking on a business as well, I found great comfort in knowing the character of Reg and the sort of adviser he was, which is really important in taking on another advisers clientele”.

MLC Advice Mackay was a solid solo adviser practice, punching above its weight and doubling its clientele over 6 years of operation. However following industry-shaping events, the franchise network was heading toward closure, and the remaining franchisees were tasked with a decision; stay or go.

In what was a defining time, Matt said “I felt like I had one option, which was to remain committed to my profession and my clients, and the most appropriate course of action was to get to scale and quickly. It really felt like a time to double down or leave”.

In order to get the business to a level that would see it flourish into the future, it was important to introduce quality people and advisers to support that growth. Speaking about the team, Matt said “We were fortunate to bring in three books from the NAB business that were already being looked after by quality individuals, in Judi, Kate, and Alister”.

All of a sudden, a solo adviser business in a franchise model, rebranded to Whitsunday Wealth and had a team of 4 advisers serving three times as many clients as before. To add to this story, it’s important to point out that as a result of the rebrand and book purchases, Whitsunday Wealth also tripled its staff numbers.

In discussing this with Founder and Managing Director, Matt Neill, he said “We got our opportunity to grow at the right time, we were ready as a business to take on that growth, but at the same time opportunities presented that needed to be grasped”.

In more recent times the business embarked on one of its most momentous moves to date, a brand-new premise in the Mackay city centre heart.  A new home for the business and the promise of future growth.

The new premises set a platform for growth and closeness to the businesses’ many stakeholders. “We feel like we’re in the business centre of Mackay, close to key business partners, as well as some handy coffee stops”.

Whilst the story of Whitsunday Wealth is still being written, its roots go deep in this town, and the business is excited and optimistic for its future.

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