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A different “End of Financial Year Sale”

This article explains different options to minimise tax with a focus on investing, superannuation and insurance. It’s important to consider prior to 30 June.

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5 Step Super Health Check

We provides five simple steps to conduct a health check on your superannuation, empowering you to take control of your super and ensure it aligns with your financial goals.

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5 ways to boost your Super with contributions before EOFY

This short article provides five strategies to maximise your superannuation contributions and make the most out of your savings before the end of the financial year.

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Super for Kids: Introducing kids to the concepts of Super

In this article, we explore fun and engaging ways to introduce your children to the concepts of superannuation and investing via three different learning activities.

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2024-25 Federal Budget Recap

Summary of the main features of the 2024-25 Federal Budget delivered on Tuesday 14 May 2024.

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Supercharge your Super before the clock strikes EOFY!

Don’t let end of financial year pass you by without making the most of your superannuation! We share five ways to boost your super before EOFY, as well as a five-step super health check, so that your super is in tip top shape for the financial year ahead.

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Ease your tax season stress

This article provides a checklist of records that property investors need to keep for tax purposes.

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Regaining financial control after a scam

Being the victim of a financial scam can be devastating and humiliating. This article uses a case study to tell the story of a woman on the brink of retirement who falls victim to a cryptocurrency scam that wipes out her savings, leading her through a journey of self-blame and recovery.

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The real impact of financial scams

We examine the cost of financial scams, the impact they have on Australians, and emphasise the importance of awareness and preparedness in combating cyber fraud.

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How to ensure your savings benefit your loved ones

This article shows with examples why it is so important to plan ahead to control your superannuation when you are no longer there to do it.

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Quarterly Economic Update: January-March 2024

We provide commentary on Stage 3 Tax cuts, inflation, property, global share markets, and local employment market.

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Fostering wellbeing in the workplace

Using a case study to highlight the importance of workplace support for mental health, we underscore the significant cost of mental ill-health to businesses, the rising awareness of mental health issues, and the positive impact of organisational support.

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