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Post Christmas Sales: A Survival Guide

This article explores the allure and pitfalls of post-Christmas sales, highlighting the importance of discernment and strategic planning when making purchases.

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The challenges of being a carer

This article examines a real-life case to reveal how caregivers juggle financial pressures and emotional challenges. It stresses the importance of caregivers looking after their own well-being, offering practical advice on accessing vital financial assistance.

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Fortify your Finances: A Recession Survival Guide

We explore how you can protect your finances against the impacts of an economic recession.

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Roadmap to retiring young

We discuss the aspiration of early retirement and emphasise the importance of careful planning and dedication to achieve this goal.

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Quarterly Economic Update: July – September 2023

A brief round up of the economic news for the September quarter of 2023.

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Thinking About Switching Mortgage Lenders? Consider This First

We caution you to do your research before switching home loans and provide some alternatives to consider.

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shows two people sorting piles of paperwork related to their debt and finances

The impact of interest rates on managing debt

This article explores how interest rates affect managing debt and provide some tips on how to navigate these challenges.

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How much should I have in my emergency fund?

When times are tough financially or unexpected bills pop up, having an emergency fund set aside can alleviate stress. Unfortunately, many people choose not to or struggle to find spare cash to put aside. This article explains the importance of an emergency fund and offers clever savings tips to get your fund growing.

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Could your best friend be the key to getting into the property market?

Struggling to get into the property market? You’re not alone. This article explains how co-ownership may be the key to help you achieve the “Great Australian Dream”. This is a non-biased piece that explores both the pros and cons for co-ownership.

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Are we jeopardising the bank of Mum and Dad?

This article delves into the rising trend of parental financial support for homebuyers, examining the consequences for both parents and children, including potential strains on finances and long-term impacts on housing markets.

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The Pillars of Retirement Income

We explore the “Three Pillars of Retirement Income,” encompassing the age pension, compulsory superannuation, and voluntary savings. With many retirees unaware of these potential income sources, we delve into each pillar’s significance and how they can work together to secure a stable financial future during retirement.

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Financial education for a successful future

Hands up if you learned trigonometry in school, but not how to budget? I’m sure we can all agree that we need to do better at setting up our young adults for financial success. In this article, we cover five tools that can help to change this narrative for future generations.

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